We've always made things. Now we're old enough to have a refined taste in design, form, and function. 

Our goal is to develop, build, and provide items for you, your household and your adventures.



Frank Renaud (pronounced Reno) began his career in show business at age 16, touring the vaudeville circuit's in U.S. and Canada not only as an escape artist but later in an acrobatic act. This was only the beginning for eventually he was known as THE GREAT RENO, THE ESCAPE KING, and THE HANDCUFF KING. Having known Houdini personally and also collecting (and escaping from), the largest handcuff collection in the world, the history of escapism seem's to have started with Frank Renaud.

He touched the lives of so many people throughout the years. Frank Renaud was born in Southbridge, Mass. on July 29, 1890, and passed away in 1964. In those 74 years, he left his mark as a true hero to all.


Frank Reno along with most of that generation and before, lived in a prime time of trail blazing. They lived in a world where there was new ground to explore and information was hard to come by, you just wouldn't know who was doing what or if something has already been done. Yet at the same time I think the consensus was to walk the safe path of tradition and by golly what ever you do don't rock the boat. Frank was sort of a freak of culture but stayed true to himself and forged ahead without a worry of judgement of his tattoos, dare devil lifestyle and ability to perform what seemed impossible. He was passionate and lived like he was made for something. 

Now to set the record straight, we're not trying to fill the shoes of our great-great grandfather. Yes, quite a reputation precedes us but more important than reputation is the pioneer spirit and the character it develops.

RENO / MADE came from a heart to follow our passions, to work with our hands and explore new things with the ultimate hope to pass down this freedom to our children.  


In the last ten years we have been blessed with amazing wives and are now outnumbered by our children. Becoming a husband and father changes something in you. The chances you're willing to take become few and far in-between since the people in your life need and love you, there is a new level of responsibility. You become more calculated with risk... but to give up on risk all together shouldn't be an option, and hasn't for us. In this season of our lives the risk we are taking is to live what we believe. To look cross culture, to slow down and create traditions for our own families in order to pass down love, passion and faith to our children with the hope that they will develop strong character and loyalty in whatever they pursue as they grow.  

"He said, “Throw the net off the right side of the boat and see what happens.” They did what he said. All of a sudden there were so many fish in it, they weren’t strong enough to pull it in."